The National Troupe of Nigeria packages various dances from across cultures of Nigeria and presents them through various performing art forms with style, color, and poise. Our dances reflect the community, team spirit, and the unifying forces of our people.

Nigerian dances are much more than just entertainment; they are living expressions of the country’s cultural diversity, history, and collective identity. Through these dances, Nigerians celebrate their past, express their present, and ensure the continuity of their rich cultural heritage into the future.
Nigerian dances serve as powerful cultural mouthpieces, playing a significant role in expressing and preserving the country’s diverse cultures and traditions. Nigeria is a nation with over 250 ethnic groups, each with its unique cultural heritage, music, and dance forms. Dance is an integral part of their social, religious, and celebratory activities, providing a platform for storytelling, communication, and community cohesion.

Sourced from the individual cultures which embellish the cultural landscape of Nigeria, our dances seek to promote and preserve the values, aesthetics, rhythms, and entertainment nuances of the larger society of Nigeria.

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