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The National Troupe of Nigeria, established in 1991, is an agency of the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, the apex performing arts organization of the Federal Government of Nigeria and a cultural ambassador representing the diversity and richness of Nigerian arts and culture both within the country and on the international stage.

The primary objective of the National Troupe of Nigeria is to preserve, promote, and showcase Nigerian traditional and contemporary performing arts. This includes a wide array of artistic expressions, such as traditional music, dance, drama, and folklore, as well as modern and contemporary performances.

The troupe aims to foster national unity and pride by highlighting the cultural heritage of Nigeria’s various ethnic groups and presenting them as a cohesive representation of the country’s identity. Through its performances, the National Troupe celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of Nigeria, showcasing the artistry and talent of its artists.


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As a cultural ambassador, the National Troupe of Nigeria travels both within the country and internationally, participating in various festivals, cultural exchange programs, and collaborations with other performing arts companies. It serves as a bridge, promoting cultural understanding and appreciation among different nations and showcasing Nigeria's artistic brilliance to the world.

The National Troupe also plays a vital role in providing training and support to emerging artists and performers, nurturing the next generation of talents in various artistic disciplines. By doing so, it contributes to the preservation and continuity of Nigerian performing arts for future generations.

NTN consists of professional theatre administrators and artistes and functions basically to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria through dance, music and drama.


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